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Regeneration (often abbreviated regen) is a numeric stat that defines how quickly a character regains lost hit points, mana, and movement. The figure given is the amount a player will naturally recover over one tick.

Viewing regen

type show regen

You currently gain 83 hitpoints, 27 mana, and 78 movement while sleeping.

Things that affect regeneration speed

  • Age
    • Young characters regenerate HP and movement more quickly
    • Older characters regenerate mana more quickly
  • HP Regen (Item Affect)
  • Mana Regen (Item Affect)
  • Move Regen (Item Affect)
  • Campfires
    • Resting in a room with a campfire, either placed by a builder or built with Firestarting, can provide a noticeable boost to mana and movement regeneration for lower level players without a dedicated regen set
    • Even for players with a manaregen set a campfire can make up for the difference between resting and sleeping if you are in an area with aggressive enemies
  • Sickness / Poison
    • These reduce regeneration rates
  • Room properties
    • Certain rooms have healing or damaging properties; for example, a room filled with lava might have a large HP regeneration penalty applied to everything in it.
  • Position
    • Sitting down improves regeneration more than simple standing, and sleeping is even better.
  • Combat
    • While in combat, your natural regeneration is much lower than outside of combat.
  • Green demon familiar
  • ebony-scaled demon familiar
  • Minions
    • Certain minions may steal vital stats for you, such as draining mana.
  • Regeneration spell


  • Many players will create an equipment set designed specifically for regeneration.
  • Summoning a green demon familiar will boost mana and movement regeneration; a ebony-scaled demon will increase health regeneration.

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