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Item load

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Item load, or simply "load", refers to the item(s) that may become available to be looted once a particular event occurs, such as when a mob has been defeated. Items may load in various locations usually either in a corpse, on the ground, in a players inventory, or sometimes in a container, for example a chest. Each item has a probability of loading and a probability of randomizing, if the probability of loading is below 100%, the item will not load every time and may require a mob to be killed several times before it becomes available.

Normal load

These items load with normal stats as defined by the builder.

Random load

see Random

These items have stats that can be slightly or completely different from normal loading stats.

Item Quality

Some items load with more powerful stats than usual, or with the potential of being reforged with powerful stats. These possibilities are indicated by the item quality flag. The higher the item quality flag, the more powerful the item is. The quality flags, from least valuable to most, is:

  • well made
  • exceptional
  • mastercraft
  • mastercraft level 2
  • mastercraft level 3

Binding load

These are loads that once taken can only be used by the character or the character's account. Many people empty the corpses of mobs that have binding equipment, identify it, and decide which of their characters needs the item, if they have more than one. Before emptying a corpse, all items that do not bind must be removed from it. When running in a group care should be taken avoid looting binding items without first checking with the group leader.

On-death load

This is a load that will only generate once the mob has been killed as opposed to one that is generated when the mob first repops. Death load items sometimes load in the corpse of the mob, but more often load on the ground. Always check both the ground and the corpse to make sure that you don't miss death load items.

Container load

Some items load in containers as opposed to on mobs. most containers will eventually decay and will repop with the next area repop cycle after they have decayed. Some containers may be sacrificed in order to force a repop. However, a number of containers, especially those containing powerful items, are unable to be sacrificed.

Quest load

Loads on completion of a quest or quest stage. Most quest load items load into a players inventory. If an items is required to advance a quest stage, it may be quest flagged, which acts as a fail safe to prevent it been given to the wrong mob.

Max load

This is the remains of an old system of loading where only a maximum number of items could be loaded at any one time.

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