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How to spot a newbie in groups

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This is summary of common mistakes that some newbies make in groups.

  • Go invisible believing that it will protect them from all mobs.
  • Are overly concerned with capping on every mob when they are getting better xp from fast killing less than full cap mobs.
  • Waste half their mana on sanctuary when it is not needed or someone is group casting it.
  • Want to regen every two minutes because they have used all their mana when the rest of the group have full mana.
  • They make low level tanks when the group already has a tank not realizing it dents the xp.
  • Use low level attacks when they have higher more approriate ones available to them.
  • Cast spells or use damage types that end up healing or doing little damage to mobs.
  • Are overly cautious and concerned about dying.
  • Wear a random mix of equipment they found in donation rooms.
  • Don't use eqsets.
  • Are slow to react.
  • Don't use saves.
  • Loot every corpse even binding and random items.
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