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Help:Creating an Item Article

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  • Details from Identify
  • Category assigned for Item
  • Category assigned for the item type (Weapon, Armor, Weapon, Potion, etc.)
  • Categories assigned for categorization (Wisdom Equipment, Hitroll Equipment, etc.)
  • DO NOT create item pages for randomly generated items e.g., bracers of hope from the Advent event
  • If you find a unique version of an existing item create or add to the Variant section of its page, DO NOT replace the original version with your unique version


  • Source (Quest, Shop, Mob, etc.)


To automatically generate wiki markup for an item paste the entire output from identify in the first box and click convert. It's not perfect so do read through the rest of this section to know how to fix what the tool misses.

Example of a item page for An azure blue amulet (Item)

|name=an azure blue amulet
|keywords=azure blue amulet chain metal
|dmg=1 to 20

The <onlyinclude> is important for embedding the item in other pages like you see above. This embed automatically updates anywhere it's embedded whenever the item page is updated.


To embed an item on a quest or NPC page use the following syntax {{:<page>}}, Example:

{{:An azure blue amulet (Item)}}

Which will look like so

Rare armor
1 to 20whip
Normal Speed
Requires 11 Strength
  • +1 Necromancer Cast Level
  • +1 intelligence
  • +1 wisdom
  • +11 Mana
  • +0.5 Mana Regen
Account Bound
Requires Level 26 Necromancer
Keywords: azure blue amulet chain metal


First we have the Item macro. The parameters to the macro can be any of the following:

  • name - Required - It's the name of the item...
  • keywords - Required - "Item: " line from Identify
  • Everything else is pretty self explanatory for the properties, copy/paste the value from the corresponding identify line:
    • level
    • totlev
    • dmg - Weapon damage in the format of 1 to 5
    • dtype - Weapon damage type (slash, zapping chop, nonorm, etc.)
    • wspeed - Weapon speed
    • size - Formatted exactly like the Identify string (1'0")
    • weight
    • composition
    • flags - Identify "Object is:"
    • wearloc - Identify "Wear locations are:"
  • affects - see section below


for affects you will use the NewItemAffect template like shown above. For each line in the "Item has other affects:" section of Identify you will do {{NewItemAffect|t=<affect>|v=<magnitude>}}

Example: for this given item

Item has other effects:
Affects:  HITROLL by 4
Affects:  DAMROLL by 4

You'd use the following markup


For scrolls/potions which have "Item has level X spells of" sections, simply replace newlines with <br> like so:

Item: 'holy water'  
Weight: 4  Size: 1'0"  Level: 20
Type: POTION   Composition: LIQUID
Object is: 
Item has level 1 spells of:
cure critical wounds

Should have the affects parameter as follows:

|spells=Item has level 1 spells of:<br>[[cure critical wounds]]<br>[[bless]]

Item Lists

If you are displaying multiple items on a page, use an item-gallery element to wrap them so they display nicely

<div class="item-gallery">

 /* your items here */



e.g., "Great hitting weapon for levels 12-15", "Hard to find, if the item isn't in the box wait until an area respawn..."

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