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Help:Creating an Clan Article

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  • Creation date of the clan
  • List of active elders
  • Info on how to join
  • Clan perks: shopkeepers, equipment, clanhall size, etc.

Wiki Markup

|name=Test Clan
|creationdate=Sat Jan 1 00:00:00 1970

(clanid's value is found by visiting the clan's page on the official site ( 99, in this case, is the clanid number.

Your description and info about your clan here

=== Elders ===
* [ Example]

=== Perks ===
* Shopkeeper
* Clan EQ
* 40 room Clan hall

=== How to Join ===
Run such and such quest and bring the item to an elder


First in the file is the usage of the Clan template, pretty straightforward as you can see in the example. Next is a short description of the clan followed by a list of elders, perks and guide on how to join. If you want your clan to show up on the list of clans on the Clans page include the Category link at the end of the article.

Note: If you have a clan logo send a mudmail to uicli with a link to a 250x250 image (or other size that can be scaled to 250x250) and he will include it in the page

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