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Help:Creating a Skill or Spell Article

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Skill and Spell articles are relatively easy to create thanks to some MediaWiki template voodoo.


  • Article must have the syntax if it's a skill (Spell pages don't need this, they're all the same, cast spell)
  • Must have a description of what the skill does
  • Must have the level requirement
  • Must have any appropriate stat requirements
  • If known must have the resource cost (mana, movement, teeth, dragon teeth, etc.)
  • If known must have appropriate links to prerequisite skills/spells
  • Category assigned for Skill or Spell
  • Category assigned for Class
  • Category assigned for spellgroup if appropriate (Shadow, Stealth, Fire, Blood, etc.)


  • Notes about the skill (Can be used in Defensive Stance, Can only be used to initiate combat, Can only be cast on self, etc.)
  • If it requires a special trainer or spellbook/item to learn or other strange requirements
  • If it's not simply a cast or command directions for using it (See: Prepare Zombie)


Example of a skill page for Heal

prereqs=[[Cure Critical]]

Heal is a mid-to-high level cleric spell in the middle of the Healing spellgroup.


So first we have the SkillSpell macro and it has a lot of moving parts so let's go over it. The parameters to the macro can be any of the following:

  • type - Required if spell - Whether it's a Skill or Spell
    • Default: Skill
    • Appropriate Values: Skill, Spell
  • class - Required - Class the skill/spell belongs to... what the hell did you think it would be?
    • Appropriate Values: Warrior, Thief, Mage, Cleric, Necromancer, General (forest navigation, swimming, etc.)
  • level - Required - Level the skill is learned
  • mana - Required if known - mana cost of the spell
  • wis - Required if known - wis required to learn
  • int - Required if known - int required to learn
  • shadow - Required if known - shadow cost of the skill
  • move - Required if known - movement cost of the skill
  • teeth - Required if known - Necromancer teeth cost
  • dteeth - Required if known - Necromancer dragon teeth cost
  • prereqs - Required if known - See next section
  • dtype - Required if known - Damage type


Noting prerequisites has 3 possibilities: None, a single prereq, multiple prereqs which look like the following:

* [[Defensive Stance]]
* [[Rally]]

As you can see they're pretty straightforward save Multiple, the hr is required, it's a hack, ignore the man behind the curtain and just do it.


The description doesn't need to be expansive, it just needs to sufficiently describe what the skill/spell does (Preferably better than the helpfiles)


These should be like the ones described in the rules at the top, should not be huge guides


If you do have a full guide for a skill/spell such as how to learn it or the best way to use it then create a Guides section and link to the guide which should be in your User space if you followed the rules


As noted in the rules, you should assign it to categories for Skill/Spell, the class, and any appropriate skill/spell groups

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