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Help:Creating a Quest Article

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It's dead simple to create quest guides thanks to some template voodoo


  • Name of the quest
  • If the quest description could be ambiguous suffix the page title with (Quest)
  • The quest giver (questor)
  • Suggested level range for the quest
  • If you know the steps required to complete then then create steps (shown below)
  • If you know the rewards for the quest put them in a rewards block
  • Apply the Quest category
  • Apply the category for the area the quest is given in


  • Provide notes for the steps detailing what the player has to do (push the stone, use the wand on the door, etc.)
  • Directions or nearby landmarks would be nice


The Header

The header is the first part of a quest article and looks like this (Example taken from: Quest:Red demon hide

|quest=Helped Lojban

Let's detail the different parameters:

  • quest - Required - This is the name of the quest
  • questor - Required - Mob that hands out the quest
  • level - Required - Suggested level range for the quest


Steps hopefully are the bulk of the article and are equally easy to make

|area=The Grassy Field
|items=a piece of red demon hide
|hints=Kill the red-skinned imps for the hide


  • step - Required - Sequence number for the step (I can't generate these programatically so just follow along
  • area - Required - The area this step takes place in
  • items - Required if appropriate - Any items that the player may need for this step in the quest (a key, a potion, etc.)
  • hints - Optional, any additional info you can give to help with this step of the quest


And the last part of your quest guide

{{QuestRewards| Leveled Exp, Leveled Gold|notes=Any notes here, repeatable, holiday event, etc.}}

Simply invoke the template with the only argument being a description of the rewards for the quest.

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