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Alter aeon has a fairly large and intuitive help system which can be accessed by using the help command ingame and searched online from the main website. There are also a number of other ways to get help and find out more information including:-

  • this wiki
  • from other players (most players are fairly receptive to helping out new players and answering questions)
  • newbie channel
  • other channels
  • articles (Theses are articles published by players and gods on the main alter aeon website. Note some may be historical and out of date.)
  • youtube videos
  • leading and following in groups is a great way to learn.


  • type help help – help system overview and basic newbie infomation
  • help random – random help page
  • help <keywords> - search help files for keywords
  • help search <keywords> - to search for pages where keywords are used
  • help advice - to get newbie advice
  • helplast - runs last help searched for

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