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Halloween 2013

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Halloween Event
Year 2013
Date From October 31
Date To November 3
Main Organisers Morpheus
Key features Pumpkin Cannons, Pk Chaos, Undead waves, event areas and quests, Costume Contest, New areas
An event organized by Morpheus to celebrate Halloween 2013, it ran from Thursday Oct 31 to Sunday Nov 3.


Taken from show event.

Thursday, October 31

  • The first waves of vampires, werewolves, and ghosts will be released on the mainland and the mid-level islands! Hunt them down to collect prizes.
  • The witch Verda will return, and has a fun little quest to do.
  • Several pk arena battles will be run, with rewards for the winners.

Friday, November 1

  • The Zankous Castle event area will be open again for the event. This is a level 30 to 32 group area with a quest.
  • Giant Frankenstein monsters will be out rampaging through cities for high level groups to hunt.
  • Pumpkin cannons will be set up in various locations.
  • Several pk arena battles will be run, with rewards for the winners.

Saturday, November 2

  • A new level 22 area, a thieves den, will be opened on Archais southwest of Gad's Mountain. This is a mid level area, with several quest hooks back to Seaside and Gad's Landing.
  • Costume contests (see board 8 on friday night for details)
  • The last of the pk arena battles will be run, with rewards for the winners.

Sunday, November 3

  • For latecomers, most of the long-running activities will still be open, but the contests and pk battles wont be run.

Costume contest

The contest took place on November 1st and involved players choosing a theme and dressing up in a selection of their own equipment. There were two sessions on the day at 11am and 9pm EST, contestants were given a half hour to report to the designated room, to revealed their costume and theme. There were two prizes categories most complete set and most creative.




  • MORNING - most creative - Owyn, the mummy
  • MORNING - most slots - Katarra, the orc berserker
  • EVENING - most creative - Kiera, the punk rocker
  • EVENING - most slots - Storm, the law officer

Pumpkin cannons

As usual pumpkin cannons were setup in prominent locations, just outside some of the major towns and cities.


The top ten distances in the pumpkin cannon contest were:

10 - Diggle    781 feet
9  - Cheetah   783 feet
9  - Katarra   783 feet
9  - Lexie     783 feet
8  - Eldrin    786 feet
7  - Akai      787 feet
7  - Athlon    787 feet
6  - Tux       788 feet
5  - Brianna   789 feet
5  - Tamayo    789 feet
4  - Caroline  790 feet
4  - Slej      790 feet
4  - Wily      790 feet
3  - Katye     792 feet
2 - Sheldoor  797 feet
1 - Daedelia  798 feet


The prizes were a quest and a shirt


  • Zankous Castle (temporarily opened for event)
  • Thieves den near Gad's Mountain (reopened and updated with a selection of new quests)

Zankous Castle

On Halloween 2013 the area was temporarily reopened and a new quest added. A portal was added south of the city of Ralnoth leading to the castle, players then battled their way to the throne room to kill the Demon Prince Zankous, who was threatening to invade the mortal realm. Upon successfully killing the prince, players were rewarded with a deed and quest item.

The prince's last words were:-

Someone yells, 'Enough! I've had enough! You've won this one, but make no mistake, I'll be back, I'll have the mortal realms!'

The quest item stats were:-

Item: 'skull crown ghastly bone demon'  
 Weight: 5  Size: 4'0"  Level: 30
 Object is: ARTIFACT 
 Type: ARMOR   Composition: BONE   Defense: 3 ac-apply
 Wear locations are: HEAD 
 Estimated cost: 17840  
 Item has other effects:
 Affects:  SAVING_BREATH by 20%
 Affects:  SAVING_POISON by 20%
 This item is bound to you.


  • a kender vampire
  • a spooky ghost
  • a werewolf
  • Giant Frankenstein
  • Demon Prince Zankous
  • The witch Verda

Wandering Undead

The event opened when random wandering undead creatures started to appear all over the mainland and mid-level islands. The undead were aggro and attacked players on sight, those that hunted them were rewarded with a death loaded item and a repeatable deed which gave a double cap for the first four kills.

First wave

  • a kender vampire
  • a spooky ghost
  • a werewolf

Second wave

  • A Giant Frankenstein


  • Dismembered frankenstein into pieces on halloween 2013!
  • Put a stop to Zankous second attempt at a demon invasion on Halloween 2013.
  • Egged a pal on halloween, leaving them with egg on their face!
  • Helped to turn the haunters into the haunted on Halloween 2013!
  • Winner in the Halloween costume contest of 2013.
  • Cannon master in the 2013 pumpkin cannon contest!
  • Winner of one of the Halloween Havoc's of 2013.


From the ghost:-

Item: 'transparent mist ghostly vial'  
Weight: 2  Size: 0'5"  Level: 65
Object is: 
Type: SPELLCOMP   Composition: GAS

From the vampire loaded with random affects:-

Item: 'vampire claws pair talons'
Weight: 1  Size: 0'10"  Level: 21
Object is: 
Type: ARMOR   Composition: MEAT   Defense: 1 ac-apply
Weapon damage: 5 to 25 poison claw, 10 strength to use.
Wear locations are: HANDS 
Item has other effects:

From the werewolf loaded with random affects:-

Item: 'strip werewolf hide skin gray fur'
Weight: 2  Size: 3'0"  Total levels: 100
Object is: 
Type: ARMOR   Composition: LEATHER/HIDE   Defense: 2 ac-apply
Weapon damage: 6 to 36 whip, 11 strength to use.
Wear locations are: WAIST 
Item has other effects:

Egg-o-matic 1031

Verda appeared east of unholy. As part of a quest she gave players an egg-o-matic 1031 and invited them to egg their pals. The egg-o-matic was a quest item with a dproc that allowed the wearer to attempt to shoot raw eggs at mobs and other players.

You load an egg into the egg-o-matic 1031 and point it at John Doe. You pull the trigger...
WHOOSH! The egg flies through the air to hit John Doe in the forehead, sending globs of raw yolk down in his face!
Xera points the egg-o-matic 1031 at Mr. Moto's golem and pulls the trigger.
With a loud WHOOSH, an egg flies through the air to smack Mr. Moto's golem squarely in the face!


The event was well received and many messages thanking the organizers were posted to board 8. The popularity of the pk battles and that there were rewards given led to some players commenting on the future of pk in the game.

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