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Group Etiquette

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  • let leader and/or group know when going afk or idle
  • Be ready to fight before joining a group preferably have full vials.
  • check with leader before looting, especially don't loot binding items
  • only groupcast where necessary or asked to do so, excessive groupcasting wastes mana.
  • turn annoying triggers off before joining
  • don't sacrifice corpses without checking with leader
  • make sure autoenter is switched on
  • watch out for leaders climbing and react in good time or have the autoclimb option switched on in mush-z.
  • keep spam off the group channel.
  • don't leave in the middle of a fight especially if you are the tank.
  • remove invisibility before joining
  • take down minion tanks, if group already has a tank, multiple tanks can dent experience.
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