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Dragonbreath Defense

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Class Warrior
Level 29
Dragon Lore

This skill is a passive skill that works to defend you against dragon breath attacks. It is the prerequisite skill for Dragonslayer.

In order for this skill to work effectively, you should have a shield in your inventory that is at least two thirds your size. Smaller shields will provide less protection but will still work.


  • The shield you wish to use must be in your inventory, not equipped
  • This skill does have a bit of lag attached to it. Unfortunately, if you are fighting a mob that breathes excessively, or multiple breathing mobs at once, the lag will be noticeable and quite crippling.
  • In April 2015 dragonbreath defense was made togglable by typing set dbd
  • To check if you have a valid shield in your inventory type lance check


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