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Control Demon

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Class Necromancer
Level 26
Resource Cost

Mana 52
Stat Requirements
Wisdom 24

Intelligence 26
Demonic Favor

This spell is used to temporarily control demons that you did not summon. Controlled demons generally require payment in the form of soulstones.

Control is generally done in two steps:

  1. Cast the control demon spell to get the attention of the demon
  2. Give the demon a soulstone to bind it to your word.

Higher level soulstones will keep demons bound for a longer period of time, and higher level demons require soulstones more often to remain bound to you. You can give the controlled demon soulstones at any time to maintain the binding. Players with a higher cast level will find the demon easier to control and will remain bound for longer periods of time.

Note that demons that you summon yourself do not generally require a constant supply of soulstones.

Controlled demons require a lot of control, 1 point per primary level.

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