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Class Necromancer
Level 1
Resource Cost
Mana - Stat Requirements
Wisdom 11
Intelligence - Damage Type
Cold|- Prerequisites
Coldfire, or 'unfire' as it is often called, is the antithesis of normal fire. It absorbs heat and light, burning with a flame that can only be described as 'blue-black, and blindingly dark'. Its exact origins and planar orientation are unknown, and it can only be summoned in small amounts and for limited times.

This spell can be used in two ways:

  • As an offensive spell, by casting it on an enemy
  • As a spellcomp generator, by casting it on yourself.

Offensive use

Syntax: cast coldfire [target]

Coldfire deals pure cold damage to a single target.

Spellcomp use

Syntax: cast coldfire self

This generates a a ball of coldfire in your inventory, or on the ground if do not have enough space in your inventory. The ball of coldfire is a temporary spellcomp that has a level equal to your necromancer castlevel + 1.


Item: 'ball coldfire fire unfire flame unflame'  
Weight: 1  Size: 0'4"  Level: 52 (very common)
Type: SPELLCOMP   Composition: MAGIC
Object is: 
This item is in new condition.

Spellcomp brewing

The ball of coldfire can be used in brews for the following types of spells:

  • Cold spells
  • Blood spells
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