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Carve runes

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Druids have the ability to randomly raise the stats of an item by carving various runes into it. Only certain items can be carved and there will need to be enough spare composite left to make it possible. Runes are permanent unless the object is reforged, in which case it can be recarved. If an object has a minus stat there is a good chance this will be removed during in rhe carving.


carve rune <object> - attempts to carve a rune into an item

Material types

When you first learn the skill you are only able to carve on wood which is the easiest materiel to carve on. As you gain druid levels more material types are unlocked.

  • carve rune – allows carving on wood.
  • petroglyph - allows carving on rock, glass and crystal.
  • scrimshaw - allows carving on bone.
  • fireband - allows carving on leather and hide.

To search for a specific material in containers, lockers, shops and donation pits use the search switch -type <material>. Note: this switch is currently buggy and may return inconsistent or odd results, also it doesn't allow for searching of more than one material type at any one time.

List of runes

This is a list of runes that may be carved into equipment. Runes can stack, so if a given rune is carved into an item more than once, the affect is additive. The rune naming system also has a logic. Notice Gesu provides armor, while Gesu-Rune provides protection against something. Ilnak gives mana, while Gesu-Ilnak and Ilnak-Xix result in a magic related affect.

While carving you may see one of four results.

  1. A successful carve where a rune is added to an item.
  2. A decent layout eludes you, this means you can carve more into the item.
  3. You cannot add more runes. This is believed to mean you can add more runes to the item, but only of ones already on it.
  4. You cannot bind more magic to the item. Carving is done, nothing more you can do here.

It may be necessary to acquire several pieces of an item to get the rune outcome you desire. Damroll added to mage eq isn't very useful nor is INT on a warrior weapon optimal.

Note, this research was done by a level 14 druid, more runes or different affects for given runes may be available. Some runes may cause different affects, the reason for this is presumed to be either random and/or based on druid carving level. For the best results, have the highest level druid you can find carve important equipment.

Rune Affect Affect 2 Translation
Arim Move by 2 'endurance'
Ber Damroll by 1 'shatter' or 'to break'
Freth WIS by 1 'wisdom'
Ganta Cast Ability by 1 'reliability'
Gesu Armor by 1 'to protect'
Gesu-Char Saving Zap by 5% 'to protect' - 'lightning'
Gesu-Circu Save Cold by 5% 'to protect' - 'ice' or 'cold'
Gesu-Faru Saving Fire by 5% 'to protect' - 'fire'
Gesu-Fell Saving Poison by 5% 'to protect' - 'poison'
Gesu-Ilnak Saving Spell by 5% 'to protect' - 'Magic'
Gesu-Nar Saving Breath by 5% 'to protect' - 'wind'
Hett CHR by 1 'charisma'
Ilnak Mana by 1 'magic'
Ilnak-Xix Absorb Magic by 1 Mana Regen by 0.5 'magic' - 'to grasp' or 'to hold'
Kama ATTACKS by 1 'speed'
Khil HITROLL by 1 'accuracy'
Kenn HP Regen by 1 MOV Regen by 1 'healing'
Oshi DEX by 1 'dexterity'
Shul HP by 1 HP by 2 'health'
Stis INT by 1 'intelligence'
Tal STR by 1 'to strengthen'
Vin Luck by 1 'luck'


To see what runes are carved into an item simply use the look command.

It has the following runes cut into it: Gesu Vin Ber Gesu-Ilnak

Fail strings:

You examine and test a pair of sunstone sleeves, but don't yet see a good way to add more runes to it.

You examine a pair of sunstone sleeves from multiple angles, but don't find any real way to bind more magic to it.

Successful carve for various material types:-

You examine a wooden staff and start carving, and the knots and grain of the wood fall into line with the rune 'Gesu-Fell'.

You carve the rune 'Stis' into a black moonstone belt.

You get out a pick and some other tiny enchanted tools and start chiseling on a crown of skulls.  Gradually you shape the rune 'Vin'.

You get out your heavily enchanted tools and start chiseling on a shadowless cuirass.  Gradually you shape the rune 'Stis'.

See Also

  • rune enchant to bind runes onto non-carvable materials using gold.
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