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Primary stats

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How to view stats

A character’s stats can viewed with commands such as train or score and show stats

You have 28/27 str, 33/28 int, 34/28 wis, 27/27 dex, 29/28 con, and 33/27 chr.


There are siz types:- Intelligence, Wisdom, Dexterity, Constitution, Strength and Charisma.


Intelligence, often abbreviated as INT, is the stat that determines how smart a character is, this helps with the casting of various spells and can increas Mana and mana regen, it is a requirement for Mage, Druid, and Necromancer to learn and cast spells. It can also help ward off certain mind type attacks such as charm person.


Wisdom, often abbreviated as WIS, is the stat that determines how wise a character is, it can increase Mana and mana regen, and is a requirement for Druid,, Mage, and Necromancer spells.


Charisma, often abbreviated as CHR, is the stat that determines how charming and graceful a character is, it can help to avoid mob aggro, and lower shop prices, it is also used in some thief abilities and to maximumize protection from shadow exposure.


Strength, often abbreviated as STR, is the stat that determines how strong a character is. It can influence combat damage, as well as increase the amount of weight that can be carried. Many weapons and shields have a strength requirement attached to them; in order to use such an item you will need to have greater or equal than this value. If you ever fail to meet the requirement while using the weapon or shield it will be immediately dropped into your inventory. Strength also has a slight effect a character’s maximum Hitpoints and Movement.


Dexterity short form dex, is the stat that determines how agile a character is. It is useful in attack and defense, and is the primary stat of the thief class. It is used in various calculations like how many items a character can carry in their inventory and how likely they are to avoid a backstab.


Constitution, often abbreviated as CON, is the stat that determines how hardy a character is, training this stat will increase a character’s maximum Hitpoints and Movement.

Stat requirements by class

Certain stats can be more desirable depending on your character's class e.g. Warriors require plenty of strength to wield heavier weapons and to deal more damage. Mages need intelligence to cast certain spells and to increase their mana supply. All stats can be trained up to a natural 28 and boosted by a further 5 points by wearing equipment and casting spells, apart from a character’s main stat which can be boosted by a further 10 points.

class str int wis dex con chr
Warrior 1st 2nd 3rd
Mage 1st 2nd
Thief 2nd 1st 3rd
Cleric 1st 2nd
Necro 1st 2nd
Druid 2nd 1st
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