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Crafting bows requires the Woodcrafting and Fletching skills.

Making a Bow


Bows are ideally made from wood with the Flexible affinity. This includes species such as Elm or Hickory. Rarer flexible woods include Osage, Boxwood, and Yew; using these rarer woods gives you a higher chance to create high quality bows.


Bows can have grips added for additional stats. For ranged combat you want high Hitroll, high Dexterity, and Luck[needs confirmation]. Using a Flexible would will naturally apply Dexterity and Movement Regen, a Green Jade grip can supply a healthy amount of Luck.


Making arrows is known as fletching. The skill includes the ability attach feathers and arrowheads to arrows.


Whereas the bow itself should be created with a Flexible-affinity wood, arrows are ideally created with Dense or Rigid wood with a significant difference in damage. As with all wood crafting it's a good idea to choose a less common wood to get higher quality results.

Example arrows of different woods. All are MASTERCRAFT quality and of the same level to create a steady baseline of comparison:

Wood Affinity Damage
Catalpa Soft 3 to 21
Sandalwood Aromatic 3 to 24
Elderberry Flexible 3 to 24
Darkwood Exotic 3 to 33
Ironwood Exotic 3 to 33
Beech Dense 3 to 33


Adding arrowheads to your arrows allow you to add Hitroll and change the type of damage. Standard arrowheads do pierce damage, broadheads do slash damage, and blunt-tip do crush damage. Readily available and producing good stats, Steel is an easy choice for creating arrowheads.