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Ac-apply is how protective a piece of equipment is, represented by how much in increases your armor class. Ac-apply is different from the similar item affect armor in that ac-apply receives an additional multiplier based on the wear location of the object. The bonus is as follows:

  • Head: x2.5
  • Neck: x1
  • Arms: x1
  • Wrist: x1
  • Finger: x1
  • On body: x3
  • About body: x2
  • Waist: x1
  • Arms: x1.5
  • Legs: x2
  • Feet: x1
  • Held: x0
  • Wielded: x0

Equipment with the type armor and contructed of metal typically have higher ac-apply than normal. Also it is possible for some types of items to be enchanted for higher ac-apply using the warrior skill reinforce armor.

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