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All pieces of equipment have a unique identifier, also called an UUID. UUID's can be used to reference the exact piece of equipment that you want to wear, remove, get out of a container or storage, or cast spells on, among other things. Uuids on any piece of equipment can be learned using the insult command if you know any other keyword for the equipment. FOr example, to get the uuid for a silver anklet of quickening, you would get the anklet into your inventory, then type

insult anklet You will receive an input somewhat like this: You insult silver anklet quickening 07edff7a8d21add714d5abc6a9dc1cab.

The uuid for the anklet is "07edff7a8d21add714d5abc6a9dc1cab". If I wanted to get the anklet out of the caontiner, I could use

get anklet bag

or I could use get 07edff7a8d21add714d5abc6a9dc1cabbag

I could also use just the first three letters of the uuid. Uuids are unique enough that the first three letters almost always suffice to reference the correct piece.

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