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Tank set

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A tanks job is to protect other members of the group by taking damage for them. There are generally two kinds of tank sets:- pure ac and damage avoidance.

Tank Set (Armor)

This type of set is used to cut down the damage received so each attack hurts less. It will not work in all situations and some areas may require a different strategy such as a damage avoidance tank set. The general consensus is that 800+ ac is considered decent enough for most areas, while with some effort 900+ is obtainable and used by a few elite tankers.

Consecrate Armor

Consecrate, which replaced the enchant armor spell, is a cleric skill that trades deity favor to imbue objects with extra protections, for it to work the item must be of type armor, have no bonus affects, have no light flag and have no spells attached. The favor cost of consecrete varies depending on existing standing with a god and how much protection is granted. If a player has high standing then less favor will be used. Consecrated objects gradually lose their potency over time so are often kept on a storage char when not in use.

Evil Align ac tank set

Dark steel pieces for fingers, wrist, neck, waist can be found in both the Village of Egmondville and the Village of Newtonia, there is also a ac85 tower shield which can be traded by handing a newt shopkeeper three darksteel shields from the a two-headed troll in the warehouse.

Tank Set (Damage Avoidance)

There are three general damage avoidance affects they are Shield Block, Dodge and Parry. Elite tanks have been know to have sets with around 90 dodge and 90 shield block in them.

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