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Spring Festival 2019

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Spring Equinox Event
Year 2019
Date From March 15
Date To March 25
Main Organisers Shadowfax
The Spring Festival 2019 was an event that took place during the latter half of March 2019, encompassing both Saint Patrick's Day and the Spring Equinox. The event was organized by Shadowfax, with assistance from Morpheus.

The main story event areas were single player autolevelling areas (beginning at level 5) and thus could be completed players of any level.

Date Summary
March 15 Act 1 of the main story began.
March 21 Act 2 of the main story was released.
March 25 Death March is ran, after which event areas are closed and quests are disabled.


Current Event Information
(see 'show schedule' for a schedule of events)

Current display mode: IN_PROGRESS

There are open event areas!  Use the 'event list' command to see them.


The main story event areas were:


The following visible event quests were displayed on the 'event list' command:

Current Event Quests:

Vnum   Name

Act 1

Act 2

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