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Class Necromancer
Level 23
Resource Cost

Mana 45
Stat Requirements
Wisdom 22

Intelligence 24
Bone Guardian

This necromancer spell allows you to take several pieces of metal, twist and meld them together, and animate them into a powerful minion.

Animated entities such as this require a small amount of mana to sustain, and may break down if you run out of mana.

Absorbing affects

Metal constructs are unique in that they will take on some of the properties of the metals used in their creation. This translates to them absorbing the resistances of the metals you use. Metal constructs will only use the following affects:

This includes positive and negative affects, so you can create metal constructs weak to fire by including a large amount of negative SAVING_FIRE.

You can check the current modifiers on your metal construct by deanimating it, then identifying the twisted lump of metal you receive. Note that the modifiers do not include the base resistances of the metal construct, but they also do not stack additively, so SAVING_POISON 80% on the metal lump does not mean that the metal construct will be immune to poison.

Absorbing formula

Currently unknown.

Examples: 1 15 pound items with SAVING_COLD by 20% and SAVING_FIRE by 5% 1 1 pound item with SAVING_ZAP by 20% 1 1 pound item with SAVING_COLD by 15% and SAVING_FIRE, BREATH, and ZAP by 5% 3 8 pound items with SAVING_SPELL by 10% and SAVING_FIRE, COLD, ZAP, and POISON by 5% 1 12 pound item with SAVING_SPELL by 10% and SAVING_FIRE, COLD, ZAP, and POISON by 5%

Resulted in a metal construct with the following stats: SAVING_SPELL by 90% SAVING_BREATH by 15% SAVING_POISON by 50% SAVING_FIRE by 50% SAVING_COLD by 50% SAVING_ZAP by 80%


  • Summoning a metal construct requires meteal on the ground; at least 30 pounds of metal objects are required
  • A metal construct is mechanical, making it strong against slashing attacks but weak to piercing attacks
  • Metal constructs typically have low dexterity
  • Metal constructs by default will have good fire resistance, good cold resistance, and very good poison resistance
  • A metal construct requires 2 control points.
  • Metal constructs can occasionally deal damage to enemies that attack them physically for free
  • Only 1 animated minion is allowed at once (see the page on control points)
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