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Composite represents how much potential an item has for things like stats, spells and armor. Items with higher composite are allowed to have space for higher value attributes. Higher composite items are not necessarily better than lower ones and in some cases may even have the same stats they just have more potential. The formula for working out composite is complicated and depends on man different factors.

Things that change an items composite

Some of the main things that might change an items composite are level or total level, wear location and item flags.

Composite flags

  • Rare - these items are generally more powerful than average
  • Artifact - these items are much more powerful than average
  • Unique - an item that was created with randomized stats
  • Remarkable - a more powerful than average random
  • Exceptional - a much more powerful than average random
  • Epic - the most powerful kind of random, very rare
  • Antique - an old item which is no longer obtainable
  • Relic - a powerful old item which is no longer obtainable

Stat limitations

The amount of a particular stat that can be placed on an object is usually subject to a maximum limitation, although there are items the break these limitations they are rare:-

  • damroll max 5
  • hitroll max of 5
  • damroll and hitroll combination max of 6
  • manaregen max of 5 which is 10 point of 0.5 regen
  • cast level or melee skill level max of 2


  • composite currently tops out at total 129 (level 37)
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