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Clay Man

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Class Necromancer
Level 1
Resource Cost

Mana 25
Stat Requirements
Wisdom 11

Intelligence 12

Clay men are one of the cheapest necromancer minions in that they don't require any preparation and only cost 1 control point to summon, but in exchange are rather weak and don't have any special features. Clay men also, as their name implies, clay or dirt to form, meaning you cannot create them in the Air, River, Water, or Underwater terrain types.

Clay men have some poison resistance (estimated at 50%), and have about half the hit points of a Wood Woad or Metal Construct.

As with (almost) all minions in the Necromancer Animation skill tree, you can only have one summoned at a time, and they will drain a small amount of mana while they are active. If you run out of mana, the clay man will disappear. Similarly, they can only be given the control orders: 'tank' or 'protect'.

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