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Equipment set

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Equipment sets (eqsets) are an essential part of character management, equipment (eq) is very important, and wearing the right equipment for the situation can be the difference between life and death.


Some common types of eqset:-

Server eqsets

Each character starts with five sets, and more can be bought by using credit buy eqset


Type eqset help to see syntax.

eqset help                       - This help screen
eqset create <name> <container>  - Make an equipment set with specified name
eqset delete <name>              - Delete an equipment set
eqset home <item> [container]    - Set an item to have a particular home
                                 - The container name is where eq is stored
eqset list                       - List your current equipment sets
eqset show <set name>            - Show eq in a given set
eqset show <item name>           - Show what sets an item belongs to
eqset wear <name>                - Wear a set
eqset remove <name>              - Remove/unwear all items from a set


  • In Feburary 2017 the commands eqset rehome and eqset replace were added.

Mush-z eqsets

Mush-z has it's own inbuilt version of server eqsets that allows for the creation of an unlimited number sets, however they are typically slower than their server counterparts.

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