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Class Cleric
Level 4
Resource Cost

Mana 20
Stat Requirements
Wisdom 15

Intelligence 11

Increases hitroll and spellsave by a small but significant amount.


The hitroll increase from the spell is based on the cleric cast level of the caster.

  • Cast at levels 0-9 gives 1 hitroll
  • Cast at levels 10-19 gives 2 hitroll
  • Cast at levels 20-29 gives 3 hitroll
  • Cast at levels 30-39 gives 4 hitroll
  • Cast at levels 40-99 gives 5 hitroll
  • Cast at level 100 and over gives 11 hitroll, plus 1 for every 10 levels the cleric has over 100


  • Should be maintained by characters acting as hitters in a group, as any increase in hitroll is useful
  • Bless is one of the few spells which will have its duration refreshed if cast before it falls as long as the spell is the same or higher cast level