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Player killing arena

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There are currently ten pk arenas which can be viewed by typing pk list

Arena 1: Tower of Doom

Arena 2: King of the Castle

Arena 3: Fire and Ice

Arena 4: The Cyclotron

Arena 5: Starry Sky

Arena 6: The Nexus

Arena 7: The Killing Room

Arena 8: The Fighting Pit

Arena 9: Super small

This is the smallest of the arenas consisting of only nine rooms, It is also one of the most popular, particularly favored by newbies, who like it because it is simple and because there is less strategy involved. In April 2015, the center room was made nocast, after complaints that it favored casters, who would stand in the center and spam area of affect spells, like blizzard and chain lightning. The arena now favors warriors, who can stand in the center and charge and shadowstike anyone who passes through.

Arena 10: The Forest

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