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Warrior classes have excellent hitpoints and poor mana. They are practiced with weapons, and have the strongest parry of all classes.

A warrior is basically trained to kill stuff. Almost all warrior skills are oriented towards killing an enemy. If you are a newbie, a warrior with minimal spellcasting ability is a pretty good combination.

Class specialties

Core stats

Warriors rely on a high constitution and strength, with dexterity thrown in for good measure. Constitution gives them the high hitpoints needed in battle, while strength and dexterity are needed to master various skills.

  • Primary: Strength - Required to wield almost all weapons, increases physical damage done
  • Secondary: Dexterity / Constitution - Constitution determines your HP, Dexterity makes it easier to dodge, parry, and shield block as well as having a small effect on almost all warrior skills

Full Skill/Spell List

Warrior Spells/Skills

Helpful Guides

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