The Planar Research Guild Quests

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Quests can be started from Yaviel who can be found in The Planar Research Guild's main offices within Gads Landing. From The Temple of Stillness:-


All quests follow a similar theme take a monitoring crystal to one of the off world planes and cast a series of spells on it. Some quests Yaviel will reveal the exact room to visit in order to capture the data other times this will need to be figured out.


You will need to cast the following spells on the crystal. Don't worry if you don't have all the spells, as you can use scrolls, potions or get your friends to cast on the crystal.

  • detect magic
  • shower of sparks
  • shocking grasp
  • chill touch
  • crystal light
  • coldfire
  • tarrant's spectral hand

Collected data from the Heavyside Layer

Once Yaviel has given you the crystal you need take it to the elemental plane of air and cast the spells he mentions on it.

The portal to the elemental plane of air can be found in the Town of Vemarken. North west from the town square is an old wizard who will allow you to use the portal for 1 gold coin.

give 1 gold wizard;down;enter portal;up

When at the Heavyside Layer simply cast each spell onto the crystal.

Crystal will glow as each spell is cast and let you know when it is ready to be returned to Yaviel.