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! Area Name
! Area Name
! Suggested Level
! Suggested Level

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The northern continent lies north of the mainland, and is known for being untamed and exceedingly dangerous. It is recommended that only high levels visit.


Area Name Suggested Level
Dargonesti, water elves beneath north ocean 30
North continent mountains 30
North continent wasteland 31
Skaven lair 32
The Island of Seriphus 34
Hidden passages under the Island of Seriphus 34
Northern continent 34
Demiplane near Grae Keep 35
North continent mines 35
Wizard's Tomb, north continent wasteland 35
Subterranean ruins 36
Subterranean ruins, buried city 36
Subterranean ruins, guarded depths 36
Subterranean ruins, inner sanctum 36
Grae Keep 37
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