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The Cemetery near Pellam

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A creepy cemetery near Town of Pellam, fencing runs round the edge of the cemetery with a gate on the eastern side, section are also broken north and south allowing entry to the inner grounds Once inside there and two mausoleums, north-west and south-east which can be entered by typing

enter mausoleum

The south-east mausoleum contains a ghostly guardian who will reward you with a useful potion if you defeat him. Both mausoleums lead down to the Pellam Cemetery Crypts.


  • wandering zombie
  • decrepit zombie
  • dyslexic zombie
  • walking skeleton
  • skeleton warrior
  • Ghostly guardian

Surrounding areas


  • Amusingly the dyslexic zombie says eat brians instead of brains.
  • If you defeat the ghostly guardian in combat it will give you a misty blue potion with detect evil and protection from evil.
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