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* deathmarch (yes/no)
* deathmarch (yes/no)
* tour (yes/no)
* tour (yes/no)
* competion (yes or competion name)
* competition (yes or competition name)
** prizes
** prizes
** winners
** winners

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  • holiday: Anniversary, St Patrick's Day, Easter, Summer Solstice, Labour day,

Halloween, Thanksgiving (death march/tour), Advent (xmas and new year)

  • year
  • status (planned or current) (if not specified or left blank event is historical)
  • current (yes/no) (event is currently running)
  • creator (main organister)
  • builders (other builders who assisted with the event)
  • date_from (month/day) (heading will display as date instead of date from if date_to is not specified)
  • date_to
  • highlights (key elements/features i.e. pumpkin cannons, mob pk etc)
  • deathmarch (yes/no)
  • tour (yes/no)
  • competition (yes or competition name)
    • prizes
    • winners
  • level_expansion (yes/no)
  • class_expansion (yes/no) (set of new skill/spells)
  • story_progression? (yes/no) (where story/quest is advanced in stages throughout the event)
  • solo? (yes/no) (solo event areas)
  • pk (yes/no)
  • pk_mobs (pk mob set names)
  • global_mobs? (global teleporting or mudwide mobs)
  • event_areas
  • new_areas (new areas that were released excluding event areas)
  • code_advancement (i.e. spam filters, event code etc)
  • theme (for anniversity, solstice where there is a theme each year)
  • num_event_areas:
  • num_quests


  • summary
  • preevent (pre-event info)
  • schedule (depending on status is either Planned Schedule, Schedule, Timeline)
  • competition_detail
    • competition_name (main heading name if blank/unspecified defaults to Competition)
    • competition_prizes (sub heading)
    • competition_winners (sub heading)
  • history
  • story
  • areas
  • mobs
  • quests
  • items (rewards etc)
  • other
  • post_event
  • reception
  • notes
  • see_also


  • <holiday>
  • events organised by <world builder>
  • events that took place during the year <year>
  • events with death marches
  • events with tours
  • events with competions
  • events with pk mobs
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