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Summer Solstice 2020

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Summer Solstice Event
Year 2020
Date From June 19
Date To July 3
Main Organisers Shadowfax
Theme volcano
Summer Solstice 2020 was the version of the Summer Solstice Celebration that took place during the final half of June 2020 and ended at the beginning of July 2020. It is the eighth such event. As usual, it was organzied by the world builder Shadowfax. Fellow world builder Morpheus assisted with the event this year.

The 'event show' command displayed the following throughout the event:

The Summer Solstice Celebration has begun!

The first event area available is the Starving Rock, a single player zone
designed for players of all levels.  The strength of monsters within will
scale up with your level.  The goal of this area is to kill 1000 monsters
by the time the event ends on the 29th.  You can exit the area at any time
and pick up where you left off later.  Use 'event start 108' to enter the

The next available event area is the Puzzlewood Mire.  This area is
intended for high level group who know what they're doing.  The scenario
involves defeating wave after wave of monsters of increasing strength.  All
waves must be completed in a single instance.  You receive credit any mob
of equal or higher level than the wave you're currently on.  There are 31
in this year's event.  Use 'event start 137' to enter the area.

The main event area is Mowami Island.  The volcano on this island is about
to erupt, and villagers have prayed to the gods for deliverance.  You can
be the answer to their prayers!  Type 'event start 154' to be transported
to Mowami Island and start the scenario.  Fight fires, lava and poisonous
gases to keep the villagers safe and prevent their huts from being
destroyed.  If your character doesn't have a lot of magic, try levelling up
the Firefighter bonus class to give yourself the tools you will need.  The
scenario scales in difficulty with level and takes about a half hour to
complete.  (If you fail the mission, you need to start again in a new
instance.)  There is a strategy guide about how to complete this scenario
on board 8 if you need more help.

Please connect to the 'event' channel and refer to the 'event schedule' for
further updates.
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