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Summer Solstice 2019

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Summer Solstice Event
Year 2019
Date From June 21
Date To July 8
Main Organisers Shadowfax
Theme battlegrounds
The Summer Solstice Celebration 2019 was an organized by Shadowfax that ran throughout the latter part of June and into July 2019. This article is currently under construction.


Last summer, there were two different versions of the popular Puzzlewood Forest area, a solo version and a group version. Either a solo or a group version had been provided in previous summer events, and 2018 was the first year to provide both. To further distinguish the two zones from one another, the solo version was renamed "Starving Rock" and redesigned into a somewhat smaller, circular area (as opposed to the rectangular Puzzlewood Forest). Several of the monsters were changed to better fit the new setting, and many others had their special attacks changed to be more appropriate for one-on-one fights.


Date Summary
June 21 The Starving Rock and Puzzlewood areas are opened.
June 25 Act 1 of the main story was released.
June 27 Act 2 of the main story was released.
July 2 Act 3 of the main story was released.
July 8 End all events and close event areas.


Welcome to the seventh annual Summer Solstice Celebration!

The war between the Naginag Combine and the Duchy of Takar is heating up. 
With the latter desperate to break the siege of its capitol, Takari mages
have devised a new strategy to drive the Combine from ducal lands.  In an
effort to counter this new strategy, the Naginag Combine needs every
mercenary that they can get to put down this new threat to their operations
in the Dunn Hurr.

Three battlegrounds are now available!  You can join the fight via 'event
start'.  The minimum level for these battleground zones is 30.  They are
intended to challenge small groups, and at least one group member should
know the 'dispel magic' spell.  Mission quests can be completed multiple
times and in any order.  (Special thanks to Colonel, Rhorae and Sandman for

We also have two longer scenarios available for play: Endless Waltz and
Shoot-the-Curl.  The first is a single player autolevelling zone, while the
latter is a high level group zone with wave after wave of monsters of
increasing strength!

The "Endless Waltz" scenario is for players of all levels.  To complete the
scenario, you must defeat 1500 monsters.  Monsters in the "Endless Waltz"
area will autolevel to be a challenge for your level but will not increase
in strength (unless you level up).  You can leave the area and start a new
instance at will, and will pick up where you left off in the monster death

To complete the "Shoot-the-Curl" challenge, you must survive 41 waves of
monsters, with each new wave more difficult than the last.  If an instance
washes, then the waves will restart at Wave 0 in any new instance. You
receive credit for slaying monsters that are of equal or greater wave than
the quest you're currently working toward.  For example, if you are working
on Wave 2 (as indicated in your 'quests' command) and join a group that is
working on Wave 10, then you will receive credit for Wave 2.

Happy summer, everybody!


The two long scenarios were:

  • Starving Rock - Endless Waltz (108)
  • Puzzlewood Forest - Shoot-the-Curl (137)

The main story event areas were:

  • Battleground #1 (151)
  • Battleground #2 (152)
  • Battleground #3 (153)


The following visible event quests were displayed on the 'event list' command:

Current Event Quests:

Vnum   Name
30511  Completed Mission 1 of the Summer Solstice Celebration 2019 event
30811  Completed Mission 2 of the Summer Solstice Celebration 2019 event
63303  Completed Mission 3 of the Summer Solstice Celebration 2019 event
32001  Killed 100 monsters in the Endless Waltz scenario of 2019
32005  Killed 500 monsters in the Endless Waltz scenario of 2019
32010  Killed 1000 monsters in the Endless Waltz scenario of 2019
32015  Killed 1500 monsters in the Endless Waltz scenario of 2019
32130  Completed Wave 0 of the Shoot-the-Curl scenario in 2019
32140  Completed Wave 10 of the Shoot-the-Curl scenario in 2019
32150  Completed Wave 20 of the Shoot-the-Curl scenario in 2019
32160  Completed Wave 30 of the Shoot-the-Curl scenario in 2019
32170  Completed Wave 40 of the Shoot-the-Curl scenario in 2019

Mission 1

Mission 2

===Mission 3===


The event was originally scheduled to end on July 4th, but Draak convinced Shadowfax to keep it going for a few more days, reasoning that some players could take advantage of a long weekend because of Independence Day.

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