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Summer Solstice 2019

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Summer Solstice Event
Year 2019
Date From June 21
Date To July 4
Main Organisers Shadowfax
Theme battlegrounds
The Summer Solstice Celebration 2019 was an organized by Shadowfax that ran throughout the latter part of June and into July 2019. This article is currently under construction.


Date Summary
June 21 The Starving Rock and Puzzlewood areas are opened.
June 25 Act 1 of the main story was released.
June 27 Act 2 of the main story was released.
July 1 Act 3 of the main story was released.
July 4 End all events and close event areas.



The two longterm scenario where:

  • Starving Rock - Endless Waltz (108)
  • Puzzlewood Forest - Shoot-the-Curl (137)

The main story event areas were:

  • Battleground #1 (151)
  • Battleground #2 (152)
  • Battleground #3 (153)


The following visible event quests were displayed on the 'event list' command:

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