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Summer Solstice 2017

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Summer Solstice Event
Year 2017
Date From June 3
Date To July 1
Main Organisers Shadowfax
Theme Light and Dark


Summer solace 2017 is an up and coming event that will take place in June, this years theme will be light and darkness, and will include Planes of light, where angels roam, each weekend in June a different quest is scheduled to be released, and the Puzzlewood forest will return in a similar format to the one in Summer Solace 2015.


Updates expected each Saturday from June 3 to July 1

Date Summary
June 3 Begin Act 1, opening the area Purnima, the Endless Twilight.
June 10 Begin Act 2, opening the area Crepuscula, the Eternal Dawn. Also open Puzzlewood Forest with new quests.
June 17 Begin Act 3, opening the area Diurnus, the Neverending Day.
June 24 Begin Act 4, opening the area Luam, the Forever-Bright.
July 1 End all events and close event areas.


During the Drakdrol Crisis of 671 RD, long-lost knowledge of clerical petitioning rituals were once again made known to mortals. Nineteen years later, Dentin officially sanctioned these rituals for use with the High Pantheon. The other gods have had the past decade to evaluate these petitioning rituals, and many have found the terms to be less than desirable. Some are threatening to pull out of the Unified Accord, the great pact that governs the use of supernals, unless their demands for new supernal forms are met. Others wish to terminate their clerics' interdependence on the angel choirs and return to dealing with more reliable beings, such as demons. The Order of the Silver Flame has made it their mission to rectify these divisions and keep the Pantheon satisfied and united. To this end, they will be mounting expeditions to the Planes of Light, the homeworlds of the angels, in order to bring peace and harmony to the universe. It is rumored that they are recruiting adventurers to complete their more dangerous and less savory missions.

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