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! Date
! Summary
|June 4
| Event announed
| June 11
| Mephit quest
| June 21 to 25
| Main event
| July 4
| Promotional contest closes
==Promotional Contest==
==Promotional Contest==

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Summer Solstice 2013 is an upcoming event which will take place on the 21st June. There will be new areas released, a global event and a competition to celebrate the world's longest day and the middle of summer in the northern hemisphere. Shadowfax, god of fire will be one of the gods helping to organize the event.


Date Summary
June 4 Event announed
June 11 Mephit quest
June 21 to 25 Main event
July 4 Promotional contest closes

Promotional Contest

Open until 4th July

  • 1st 3000 credits.
  • 2nd 2000 credits.
  • 3rd 1000 credits.

Mephit quest

Talking to the red mage in the town of Zin reveals the following extra infomation in the build up to the event.

 The Red Mage says, 'The Church of Shadowfax is aware of recent reports of fire plane creatures
 appearing all over the Material Plane, and we are in process of gathering information
 in order to assess the situation.'
 The Red Mage says, 'The investigation into the widespread fire plane incursions continues.  
If you wish to help, bring me the remains of these so-called mephits 
that you might happen across and destroy.'

This is a repeatable quest where players are required to find mephits, kill them and bring the resulting ash back to the red mage for analysing.

Mephit ash

Once a mephit is located and destroyed it will leave behind its ash. This item has multiple uses as well as been able to be given to the Red mage to aid his research in exchange for gold and xp quest reward, it can also be used to brew potions or make bombs. Some entrepreneurial players have even been seen trying to sell ash on auction usually for a starting price of about 500 gold.

Item: 'ash mephit leavings charred pile'  
Weight: 1  Size: 1'0"  Level: 90
Object is: 
Type: SPELLCOMP   Composition: FIRE
Estimated cost: 11182  
This item is in fairly good condition.

Note the mephit ash does not last forever it's condition will degenerate over time, it is therefore advisable to use it as soon as possible before it disappears.

Fire invasion counterattack

The main event started June 21 5pm server time, several groups ran the event and shadowfax lead a group so that lower level players could also participate.

A temporary portal to the Ethereal Plane of Fire can be found one up from the zin waypoint.


Board postings

The following are board postings by shadowfax detailing the event.

You are currently reading board 8 'Dentin's Board (Room 8)'.
Date:    2013 Jun  4 15:23
From:    shadowfax
Subject: Summer Solstice Celebration
Mark your calenders!  This June 21st we will be having our Summer Solstice
We have a host of new areas and content that we'll be releasing
thereabouts, and, on the eve of the Summer Solstice, there is a global
event for all to participate in!  Consult the Red Mage for details.
We're also holding a contest!  See the next post for details!
You are currently reading board 8 'Dentin's Board (Room 8)'.
Date:    2013 Jun  4 15:24
From:    shadowfax
Subject: Alter Aeon Promotional Contest
Alter Aeon is expanding its social network contacts into all sorts of a
new, previously untouched venues.  We're on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube,
Tumblr, Myspace, Google and many others, and we are continually adding
To help attract new players to Alter Aeon in these new markets, we're
putting together a promotional video.  We need your help!
Send us your Alter Aeon media!  We need videos!  We need screenshots!  We
want to see you playing Alter Aeon!  Record yourself playing or skyping or
whatever!  Use whatever client or accessibility software you like!  It
doesn't matter if you can see or not.
Not sure what to do for video?  Check out our Youtube channel at for examples.
We'd also love to see your fanart or fanfic!  Draw or write a story about
your favorite Alter Aeon characters!
Don't worry about editing or anything.  We'll take care of all that.
Mulitiple submissions are acceptable and encouraged!  Send them to  (Subscribe to Alter Aeon Mud if you haven't
already!)  Make sure you include your player name with your submission so
we know who you are!
I will choose whichever submissions tickle my fancy the most as first,
second and third place winners.  First prize will be 3000 credits, second
prize 2000 credits, and third prize will be 1000 prize.
While we will always been happy to accept your videos, pictures and
fanworks, this contest will end June 21st, on the day of the Summer
You are currently reading board 8 'Dentin's Board (Room 8)'.
Date:    2013 Jun 17 12:33
From:    shadowfax
Subject: Fire Plane Invasion!
The fire elementals found widespread across the mainland are now attacking
on sight.  You will need to take precautions when encoutering them.
Since fire plane creatures continue to encroach upon this world, we can
assume that what is taking place is no less than a prelude to a full scale
invasion.  The Church of Shadowfax is actively searching for a reasonable
means of stopping the elementals at their source.  We should have a
solution very soon.
In the mean time, the Red Mage continues to collect mephit leavings for use
in this research.  You can help by bringing him some.
(The fire invasion counterattack will begin on Friday, June 21st at 7pm. 
That is 10pm system time.  After the event, the invasion areas will remain
open over the weekend so that everyone has a chance to play through them.)
Date:    2013 Jun 21 21:17
From:    shadowfax
Subject: Summer Solstice Celebration Event
So, we just wrapped up our lead run of the Fire Plane Invasion event.  For
any of you who missed it (or just want to run them again), the event areas
will remain open until Tuesday night.  They'll then be remodelled and
re-opened in the near future.  The Red Mage will also accept the leavings
for any mephits still floating about for the next few days.
Date:    2013 Jun 21 21:21
From:    shadowfax
Subject: Alter Aeon Promotional Contest - Extension
Our promotional contest was to come to an end tonight, but I don't have
enough submissions as of yet to give out all of the available prizes.  So,
the contest deadline will be extended until July 4th.  See post 200 on this
board for contest details.

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  • Alteraeon facebook [2]
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