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  • ...s linked to the mainland by an ancient portal system. Most people start on Sloe, which is safe haven for new players. ...s. A portal in the town of Vemarken links to the city Indira on the Island of Kordan.
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  • and [[Stiboli|Stiboli the Spellcaster]] who teaches low-level spells in the caster classes. |area_name=The Refugee Camp
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  • ...cient portal system. Most people start on the first island, Sloe, and move on to Kordan as they gain levels. Kordan is most suitable for players between ...llages and graveyards, as well as what little is known about the lost city of New Thalos.
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  • ...March 2019, encompassing both Saint Patrick's Day and the Spring Equinox. The event was organized by [[Shadowfax]], with assistance from [[Morpheus]]. ...sets from that event were reused, as well as the Rainbow Factory area from the previous Summer Solstice Celebration, and an additional event area was cons
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  • |area_name=The Grassy Field |realm=The Island of Sloe
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  • |realm=The Island of Sloe |summary=These crypts on the surface appear to be two separate mausoleums located
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  • of the notable events, changes, updates and projects that happen during the '''year 2016'''. Some of the projects that took, are taking or are planned to take place in the Year 2016.
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  • of the notable events, changes, updates and projects that happen during the '''year 2017'''. ...d in the year 2017, as the new coder shadowfax and draak got to grips with the codebase, Many more new options, skills and spells were added as alter aeon
    7 KB (1,007 words) - 08:21, 2 November 2017
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