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Sickening Touch

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Class Necromancer
Level 4
Resource Cost

Mana 10
Stat Requirements
Wisdom 11

Intelligence 13
Damage Type

The 'sickening touch' spell is a low level necromancer spell, typically used before combat. When cast, the target's hands become weapons of sickness for a short period of time. When the target strikes an enemy in battle with his hands, the spell discharges and poisons and sickens the enemy.

This spell, like Burning Hands and Shocking Grasp, requires the use of your hands to trigger the effects. This means you must have at least one hand free to trigger the spell, but you can still wield a weapon to trigger it as long as your off-hand is free.

On hit, Sickening Touch does three things:

  • A small amount of pure poison damage
  • Poisons the enemy (reducing their regeneration)
  • Applies a special damage proc that looks like poison (damage type unknown): <mobile name> looks sick.

The special damage proc deals a small amount of damage over time. The poison and special damage procs can stack on a single enemy, so applying this to multiple minions and/or yourself is very effective.

As you can cast this spell on minions with hands such as Ghouls, or tanks like the Wood Woad, you can use it to stack some damage at the beginning of a fight. Note that you cannot cast this spell on other creatures if they are in combat, limiting its use somewhat without cooperative group members or use of control commands, but you can always cast it on yourself, regardless of if you are in combat or not.


  • Sickening Touch can also activate off of a successful Jab as long as you have a hand free. If you do not have a hand free, Jab will never trigger the spell, even if you successfully hit with it.
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