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[[Category:Divine Aid]]
[[Category:Cleric Divine Aid Spellgroup]]

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Class Cleric
Level 21
Resource Cost

Mana 80
Stat Requirements
Wisdom 25

Intelligence 21

The healing powers of clerics are widely known, but some have claimed to be witness to the ultimate in healing - bringing people back from the dead. It is said that with the right training, and the right knowledge of heal spells in general, one can learn the art of resurrection.

Some magic places are so powerful that even the power of resurrection can't bring the person back to where they died, so a wise cleric will be aware of their surroundings.

You must be grouped with your target to resurrect them, and when resurrected the target gains back some amount of lost experience. Some players consider it to be a very, very powerful summon - guaranteed to pull the dead player from wherever to rejoin the party, only slightly worse for wear.

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