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Polliwog Swamp

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Polliwog Swamp is a small shallow boggy area populated by insects found half way between the Town of Vemarken and the Village of Stillwater. It is here the mythical mugwump can be found needed to complete the hunters quest.


  • squirmy tadpole
  • hungry little polliwog.
  • slimy frog
  • horny toad
  • quirmy tadpole
  • swamp-gas
  • painted turtle
  • annoying noseeum
  • large bullfrog
  • newt gingrich
  • mythic mugwump


Item: 'purple flower orchid' Weight: 1 Size: 1'0" Level: 5 Object is: Type: SCROLL Composition: PLANT Wear locations are: HEAD Item has level 8 spells of: color spray

Item: 'corpse body mugwump' Weight: 40 Size: 7'0" Object is: QUEST_ITEM Type: CONTAINER Composition: CORPSE Weight capacity: 0 of 400 lbs.

Item: 'ring stones' Weight: 5 Size: 2'0" Level: 12 (you can't use this yet) Object is: Type: WEAPON Composition: ROCK Weapon is unwieldable. Item has other effects: Affects: HITROLL by 1


  • Marsh
  • Cave
  • Rock


  • The insects in this area attack in swarms.
  • Amusingly the entrance to the cave where the mugwump can be found is guarded by a creature called newt gringrich with a rather colorful description.
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