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Pellam Cemetery Crypts

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Pellam cemetery crypts can be assessed by entering the mausoleum in the cemetery. It is here where the vampiress can be found and killed to complete the vampiress quest.


  • myling
  • revenant
  • vampire spawn
  • ancient skeleton
  • ghoul
  • vampiress
  • pale blue mist
  • lord of the ghouls

A myling, which in folklore is the soul of an unwanted child, says things like

'Are you my mommy?'
'I love you, daddy'


area contains a rotted and wore chest, the key can be found with the lord of the ghouls.

(on ground) a rotted and worn chest contains:
an ancient shield (binding) (unique)
a scroll of soothing
old gold coins


Item: 'misty blue potion vial mist' Weight: 1 Size: 0'4" Object is: Type: POTION Composition: GLASS Item has level 25 spells of: protection from evil detect evil

Item: 'crown bones sinew ghoulish ghoul' Weight: 2 Size: 1'0" Level: 7 Object is: RARE Type: MAGIC Composition: BONE Defense: 2 ac-apply Wear locations are: HEAD Item has other effects: Affects: WIS by 2 Affects: DAMROLL by 1 Affects: CHR by -1

Item: 'small silver ring' Weight: 1 Size: 0'1" Total levels: 3 Object is: QUEST_ITEM Type: ARMOR Composition: SILVER Defense: 1 ac-apply Weapon damage: 1 to 2 slowest pound, 10 strength to use. Wear locations are: FINGERS Item has other effects: Affects: MANA by 7

Item: 'necklace dark metal black charm onyx skull amulet' Weight: 1 Size: 1'0" Level: 7 Object is: Type: MAGIC Composition: ROCK Defense: 3 ac-apply Wear locations are: NECK Item has other effects: Affects: HITROLL by 2 Affects: MANA_REGEN by 1.5


  • Cave
  • Building
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