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Lightcatchers are devices used by druids to capture natural light energies. They currently come in two types starcatcher and suncatcher with support for a third type mooncatcher to be added in future game updates.


carve suncatcher          - create a sunlight catcher
hide  <suncatcher>        - hide a suncatcher nearby
gather suncatcher         - retrieve a previously placed suncatcher
gather suncatcher list    - reminder of where you put suncatchers
gather suncatcher help    - other suncatcher options

How to make and fill light catchers

This example is for a suncatcher:-

  1. First you need a the bottle this costs 150 for a suncatcher and 300 for a starcatcher, and can be brought from anywhere on the mud by using carve suncatcher create. This makes the lowest level bottle.
  2. Now carve it to the desired level by using carve suncatcher Note: each time it is carved there is a chance the light catcher will shatter and be lost forever, this is reduced by learning the skill to a higher standard.
  3. Now find a suitable spot to leave to charge and then type hide suncatcher. Choosing the right location is important with desert being the best terrain type.
  4. Once daylight is passed gather up by typing gather suncatcher

You carve the opening runes...
You now have a suncatcher bottle.
(You'll have to 'carve suncatcher bottle' on it to make it usable.)

Item: 'suncatcher bottle' 
Weight: 1  Size: 0'7"  Level: 3
Type: MAGIC   Composition: ROCK
Object is: 
A suncatcher bottle is empty.
You make a mistake carving on a suncatcher bottle, shattering it!


lightcatchers charge quicker if actively managed. You can charge up to 9 suncatchers and 9 starcatchers at any one time.

You have too many other bottles already in the field.  Either gather or
abandon one of them to hide another.
(Use 'gather lightcatcher help' for list/abandon commands.)


Suncatchers can be used for the following druid spells.

* liveoak – creates a druid minion out of an acorn


Starcatchers can be used for the following druid spells.

  • skyfall – summons a bone man minion
  • fury of the heavens – powerful time bomb also sometimes referred to as the nukes of alter aeon.


In May 2016 the cost of lightcatchers were raised from 100 gold per bottle to 150 gold for suncatchers and 300 gold for starcatchers.