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Jobs are a form of repeatable daily quests that involve finding and collecting various items for mob collectors e.g. rare spell components for alchemists. Items can be virtually anywhere and are sometimes difficult to find. To complete jobs it is helpful to have good knowledge of where various items load across the mud, as well as knowing scryer spells like locate object.

Added in June 2013, jobs are still a relevantly new and experimental feature of alter aeon and may be subject to change over they coming months.


Once a job for a mob is completed it can not be completed again for 8 hours.


  • job find shows mobs that might have jobs available
  • job list list any jobs for the current mob
  • job list <no> detail of specific job
  • job accept <no> accept job
  • show job shows number of jobs completed


one experience cap and a small amount of gold


A new leaderboard, 16, was added to track which players have completed the most random jobs. It is still relatively easy to gain a spot on the top 50.

Mobs with jobs

The following are examples of mobs that may have jobs.

mob area direction from wp
The master swordsmith Daigaku-Tatami, the Oriental city
A wealthy smuggler Daigaku-Tatami, the Oriental city 4s 5e
Radcliff the curator The City of Ralnoth 7s 4e s
Salk Morian, the town alchemist The City of Ralnoth 7s 5e s
Sark the alchemist The City of Elborat
An aged warrior The City of Hartmur
Belris the Alchemist Kingdom City of Vandar e 3s w n
Randyn the weaponsmith Kingdom City of Vandar e n w
Randris the armorer Kingdom City of Vandar e n e
Hadrius the fire wizard The Fire Towers n 2e 2d op door s 5s op door w w n op door w w
Xorn the herbalist The Town of Zin se e s s
Balk City of Airam w
the dragon elf historian The Wyvinian Stronghold s d 4s u 4s 2d e
Nalom the librarian City of Linholt
The alchemist Clarine The City of Koralia's Heart 3n 3w
Ross the weaponsmaster The City of Koralia's Heart

Help file

Feature changes

The following table summarizes some of the changes to this feature. Reference [1] for recent changes and [2] for historical changes.

Date Ref Notes
Jul 09, 13 1738 changed timeout from 18 hours to 8 hours
Jul 05, 13 1736 Add achievements for jobs.

Add a 'jobs completed' leaderboard.

Add 'show jobs'.

Jun 18, 13 1724 initial support added
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