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Item Affects

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This is a list of all affects that can appear on armor, weapons, and items.

Vital Bonuses

These affects modify your maximum hit points, mana, or movement.

Hit Points

   Affects: HP by #


   Affects: MANA by #


   Affects: MOVE by #


Hit Point Regeneration

   Affects: HP_REGEN by #

Mana Regeneration

   Affects: MANA_REGEN by #

Movement Regeneration

   Affects: MOVE_REGEN by #

Stat Bonuses

These affect your current statistics such as STR, CON, etc.


   Affects: STR by #

Bonus strength is capped at 5.


   Affects: INT by #

Bonus intelligence is capped at 10.


   Affects: WIS by #

Bonus wisdom is capped at 10.


   Affects: DEX by #

Bonus dexterity is capped at 8.


   Affects: CON by #

Bonus constitution is capped at 5.


   Affects: CHR by #

Bonus charisma is capped at 5.

Skill/Spell Bonuses

These affects modify your effective skill/spell level with skills/spells from a certain class. Some skills/spells are not effected however.

Warrior Skill Level

   Affects: WARRIOR_SKILL_LEVEL by #

Thief Skill Level

   Affects: THIEF_SKILL_LEVEL by #

Mage Spell Level

   Affects: MAGE_CAST_LEVEL by #

Cleric Spell Level

   Affects: CLERIC_CAST_LEVEL by #

Necromancer Spell Level

   Affects: NECR_CAST_LEVEL by #



   Affects: HITROLL by #


   Affects: DAMROLL by #

Attack Speed

   Affects: ATTACK_SPEED by #


   Affects: ARMOR by #

Note that this affects your armor score directly and it not subject to the ac-apply bonus for certain wear locations. (see 'help ac-apply')


   Affects: LUCK by #

Cast ability

Cast ability allows you to have a higher success rate at casting spells that are not already perfect.

   Affects: CAST_ABILITY by #


Increases the effectiveness of the sneak skill.

   Affects: SNEAK by #


Causes mobs to have more trouble detecting your hiding place. This is especially useful for hiding while sleeping.

   Affects: HIDE by #


Directly improves your parry skill. It is unknown how the number affects your skill.

   Affects: PARRY by #


Directly improves your dodge skill. It is unknown how the number affects your skill.

   Affects: DODGE by #


Some equipment can also give you spells directly when equipped. These appear as follows:

   Item affects you as:
   Spell 'armor'

If you do not know the spell, it will display a description instead:

   Item affects you as:
   You feel more protected.
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