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Before editing, please be aware of our editing guidelines.

  • The wiki is meant to be a complement to the in-game helpfiles, not a replacement. Please don't just copy and paste the helpfiles without adding to them.
  • Skill, spell, NPC pages can and should provide at least some content that the helpfiles don't, such as tips, common usage, guides for best use, etc. See the Battle Tactics article for a good example.
  • The wiki is not a personal complaint forum. If you have personal issues with the admin, gods, other players, or the code, post it elsewhere.
  • Do not make pages about your characters - that's what the User:Username sections are for. Just click on your name up at the top and edit that page.
  • If you're not sure about the changes you're about to make to an article, get clarification in-game first. Alternately, start a discussion on the article's Talk page.
  • Please don't ask questions or place unsubstantiated rumors in articles. If you're not sure about something, either ask in-game, or put it on the talk page for others to look over.

The following is a list of guides to help you in editing and creating pages on our wiki:

Pages that we'd love you to write:

  • Write a guide describing your build
  • Quest guides and overviews
  • Clan descriptions and history (careful - avoid insults and flamewars)
  • Information about pantheon gods and builders
  • Creatures and items of importance in areas
  • Add missing skill/spell pages
  • Add tips to skill/pages pages
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