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Gnomian Village, Kordan

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Village inhabited entirely by gnomes characterized by its wide cobblestone streets. South of the holy grove and east of the Old Indira Forest.


  • Gnomian guard


  • Nerdo the blacksmith
  • Mayor Widgetbottom


Explorer points

There are three explorer points in this area.


Item: 'champion's helm champion mithril ' Weight: 4 Size: 0'10" Level: 11 Object is: ARTIFACT GLOW Type: ARMOR Composition: MITHRIL Defense: 9 ac-apply Weapon damage: 6 to 36 pound, 13 strength to use. Wear locations are: HEAD Item has other effects: Affects: HIT_POINTS by 19 Affects: MOVE by 19 This item is bound to you.

Surrounding areas

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