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Class Necromancer
Level 13
Resource Cost

Mana 37
Stat Requirements
Wisdom 16

Intelligence 18
Bone Guardian

This necromancer spell forms an animated creature using the flesh and blood from a fresh corpse.

Animated entities such as this require a small amount of mana to sustain, and may break down if you run out of mana.


  • Summoning a flesh beast requires a corpse; only certain corpses will work
  • A flesh beast is a blob, so it resists crushing and piercing attacks but is weak to slashing attacks
  • A flesh beast is weak to poison, cold, and fire attacks
  • A flesh beast has a low armor class and dexterity
  • A flesh beast requires 2 control points.
  • Only 1 animated minion is allowed at once (see the page on control points)
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