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Alter Aeon features a robust crafting system to say the least. You can create everything from a humble wooden cup to legendary weapons and armor. Some crafting skills are learnable by any class, others are only the domain of experts of certain magics or martial skills.

Newbie Advice: Alter Aeon's crafting is incredibly deep and vast. Creating powerful armor and weapons can take an equally deep and vast amount of investment. New players may put themselves in a difficult position if they invest their practices in crafting skills too early as they may miss out on critical skills of their class or stat training to learn spells. Forging in particular can require significant practice and gold investment. If you wish to dip your toe into the crafting waters pick one of the simpler (but no less deep) crafting skills such as Woodcrafting or Leatherworking which do not require gold to craft and requires only a small initial practice investment.


Rune Carving


While each discipline has a different product in mind, e.g., Woodcrafted clubs, or Leathercrafted armor. Each crafting skill follows a similar model: gather materials which have different properties when crafted, craft the desired item, then improve the item with enchanting/rune carving/gems/inlaid metal. Most crafting disciplines have a cost associated whether it's gold, mana, or simply some energy.


Crafted items of types will have an Item Quality ranking which can be seen on the identify output. There are 5 tiers with each tier increasing the potential power of the item:


In general you will want an item to be at least MASTERCRAFT quality before you spend the time, money, and resources required to fully enchant and improve an item. It's rumored that increasing your LUCK stat in addition to having high STR, INT, DEX, and CON can help with making MASTERCRAFT or better items. Additionally some materials are easier to craft with than others.

As you craft items you will earn Profession Points which you can spend to directly improve the quality of an item with the craft improve command


The "composite" of an item is its potential. Generally the more restrictive an item is to use in the form of required level, class flags, alignment flags, HUM/LIGHT/GLOW flags, the more powerful an item can become. See help enchanting howto and help composite in game for more details.

Profession Points

As you gather and craft you will earn profession points, these can be spent in a number of ways:

  • Spent like combat points to increase the percent learned of a profession skill by 1%. See point value <skill name> for the cost and point buy <skill name> to raise the skill
  • Used with craft quality <item> to increase the quality tier of a crafted item
  • Used with the desc, rename, and label craft sub-commands
  • Some improvements and enchantments will require a profession point to complete the process

Profession points, like combat points, are gained passively, cannot be bought, and cannot be targeted in any way besides just performing various gathering and crafting tasks.