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The cooking skill allows you to use butchered meats, gathered fruits, vegetables, and herbs, and caught fish to prepare meals. These prepared foods can restore health and provide other minor benefits based on the flavor of the dish.

Editor's Note: While the cooking system is just as deep and entertaining as the other crafts the value it provides for the time investment is extraordinarily low.
  • The produced foods restore extremely little health for the time it takes to create them
  • Dishes cannot restore mana as Restoration potions might
  • Dishes do not apply spell effects to the player as brewed potions, unguents, or tinctures do while largely using the same ingredients
  • Both the ingredients to cook the food (such as butchered meat or milk) and the prepared dishes themselves spoil extremely quickly (a few game hours in comparison to real life weeks or months for brewed potions)

As such it is not recommend for new players to spend practices learning cooking or spend time cooking while leveling.