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an event is a special activity, almost always put on by the [[:category:god|Gods]]. Upcoming event notices are almost always posted on board 8, up and south from unholy, a week or so in advance of the real thing.
This category relates to [[event]]s.
==Types of events==
Some of the kinds of events that have been seen on the game include:
*[[:category:Death march|Death march]]: a god runs a large group through hard mobs. The god [[tank]]s the mob, but does no damage.
*exploration contest: The players' knowledge of the game world is tested, usually by putting a board somewhere out in the wild and seeing who posts on it  first.
*area tour: a god walks a group through an area and gives historical information or interesting stories about the area. Tours someties have a lot of mob killing involved, and can turn into death marches.
*temporary quest: Players participate in a quest during some time frame. Most of the anniversary celebrations have a temporary quest of some sort.

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This category relates to events.


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